Our Story

Why Roatan?

In 1980, the Bennett family packed their bags on the island of Roatan in pursuit of the American dream. They were leaving behind the only lifestyle they knew which meant no shoes, no running water, sporadic electricity and outhouses. The Bennett family took advantage of the opportunities in America and the family produced successful members of law enforcement, real estate professionals, and educators.

After decades away from the island and a new generation of Bennett’s Wellington, the oldest brother wanted to share his roots with his family. For over 20 years, he visited the island and opened up his doors to the community. Every year for a month in the summer, his home was a basketball hub, kayaking center, and safe space for kids to come and play. He saw the beauty in the island and was inspired to make Roatan a better place than he was raised in.

In 2010, Wellington invited his brothers to the island and for the first time in 40 years, the brothers were back together on the island. They saw a need and knew he had to take action. In the following years, different Bennett family members went back to the island. They saw the beauty in the island, the peaceful lifestyle and power of community. However, they also witness poor educational systems, aging infrastructure, lack of opportunities and limited access to essential resources.

In 2019, the family partnered with One Desk Foundation to do its first structured give back. The Bennett’s, along with a group of over 50 volunteers repainted the school they were raised in, hosted a basketball camp, and donated school and sports supplies to the local community. Their family thought, “we have to do this again, and we have to do more”. We understand the significance of our roots and are committed to giving back to the community that helped shape us.

In 2022 the Bennett foundation FLB was formed, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Bennett family has been blessed with opportunity and this foundation is our way of paying it forward.

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